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Nosweat Doxies is located in Burlington, NC. We specialize in short hair dachshund's with markings of Isabella and Tan as well as Piebald.
Here at Nosweat Doxies we started breeding a few years ago and hand picked our breeding stock from Florida and Tennessee as well as NC.  All of our mini wiener dogs are AKC registered as well as the litters they have. Our litters are raised in our home by our family and around older children. Our dachshunds are our babies, they are not just breeding dogs. They do go out but prefer to be inside. They will always be by your side at all times, they do not like to be alone. The more the better I say!
We DO NOT sell puppies to Puppy Mills, Brokers or Pet Stores under any circumstances. We do sell puppies to responsible adults for forever homes.

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